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Emma is more than just a mattress company. We are a sleep expert and a sleep companion to anyone looking for the perfect night’s sleep. This website is Emma’s commitment to improve how the world sleeps one night at a time by providing everyone with various sleep topics backed by Science.
Everything on this website is verified by experts based on research and extensive sleep expertise. Emma's vision is to one day be able to provide anyone who needs it with valuable information about sleep. Emma gives the public access to these helpful information to stay true to its mission.

The Perfect Night's Sleep
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Emma believes that everyone deserves a good shut-eye and to feel the perfect night's sleep. Sleeping may be as basic as breathing to some, but it may be as hard as rocket science to another one. With the resources we have provided on this website, we hope to help EVERYONE - from those who just want to learn more about how they sleep and how sleep works, to those who may need more help in understanding their sleep experience and sleep problems.

With Emma' sleep expertise, you can be confident that everything we put out is reliable and trustworthy.
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